Mink, fox, or sable? Which one should I choose? Finding the right fur coat among the many available types can be a hard choice: getting to know the technical features of each one could help you find the perfect match.

Let’s take a look at each one:

  • Mink
  • Sable
  • Fox
  • Chinchilla
  • Shearling
  • Lapin
  • Raccoon
  • Lynx


1. Mink

Short mink fur jacket with a hood in nuts color

Mink fur jacket

It’s the highest-selling fur worldwide, and one of the most valuable. Mink is soft and shiny, while still providing good protection against rain or snowfalls.


Extremely warm and light-weighted, a mink fur coat is also durable: if correctly taken care of, it can last decades. Mink fur is extremely versatile: classic and elegant in black, sportier if dyed in colorful shades.


You should choose it because…  it’s a timeless classic, an authentic investment.


2. Sable

Short russian sable fur jacket, tortora color

Russian Sable jacket


Russian or Canadian, sable is one of the most valuable and expensive fur types. Russian sables are brown or tortora with a silver cast, whereas the Canadian ones are brown with amber tones.


It’s extremely silky, lighter than any other type of fur and it retains its smoothness in every direction it is moved. Furthermore, despite what people commonly imagine, sables coats can be used under a light rain or snowfall.


You should choose it because… sable means pure luxury. Every fur coat lover should own one!

3. Volpe

Fox fur vest

Fox fur vest

Light-weighted, long and fluffy, fox fur often comes in a natural silver shade that makes it unique. Due to its particular length, fox fur can be used for designing versatile vests and bright, colorful garments.

You should choose it because… a fox fur garment is trendy and elegant at the same time.



4. Chinchilla

Short chinchilla fur jacket with a hood

Chinchilla fur jacket

Chinchilla is the softest variety of fur and the only hypoallergenic one. Its bright colors vary from black to optical white, making it simply unmistakable. Creating a chinchilla fur garment is particularly difficult due to the small dimension of the pelts: for this reason, chinchilla garments are extremely valuable but delicate as well.

You should choose it because… there’s nothing more elegant than a chinchilla coat or cap on a gala night.




5. Shearling

Shearling coat with a green raccoon trim on the hood

Shearling coat

Warm, practical and sporty: a shearling coat is a timeless garment. It is resistant, it provides thermic insulation and it is also versatile: the wool can be long or plucked according to personal tastes and, thanks to the modern tanning techniques, it is available in a wide range of colors.

You should choose it because… it is a fashion trend and it is also among the warmest and most resistant fur coats.




6. Lapin

Short lapin fur jacket with kid and silk inserts

Lapin fur jacket

Thick, soft and warm: lapin (or rabbit) has been a trend in the fur coat industry for a long time, thanks to its beautiful velvety texture. Nowadays it is generally used for linings and collars.

You should choose it because… it has a good value for money, while still providing supreme warmth and comfort.



7. Raccoon

Denim vest padded with nutria fur and trimmed with raccoon fur

Vest with raccoon fur trims

Raccoon fur is the most water-resistant: for this reason, it is perfect for hoodies’ trims or fur hats. There are two types of Raccoon: Finn raccoons, which are shiny, silky and similar to fox fur, and Canadian raccoons, which are a bit brushier and thicker.


You should choose it because… if you are looking for a practical outerwear garment, a down jacket with Raccoon trims is the best choice.


8. Lynx

Lynx fur jacket with a hood

Lynx fur jacket

Warm, thick and elastic, a lynx fur garment is a glamorous choice. It is the only type of skin that is more valuable if it comes from the abdominal area rather than the dorsal area of the animal.

You should choose it because… if you are looking for an exotic look, you should go for lynx fur. You will not pass unnoticed!