Cappotto in pelliccia di zibellino russo grafite con cappuccio e maniche a tre quarti


The Sable Collection from Tosato1928 showcases timeless elegance and enhances the qualities of these precious skins, combining tradition and innovative designs.

Oversize coats, hooded garments and classic jackets are a tribute to the natural beauty of Russian sable skins. Reversible jackets with clean shapes and shiny fabrics satisfy the need for a contemporary look.

Romantic and feminine, the capsule collection combines cashmere fibres in pastel tones with Russian sable skins, giving birth to versatile coats and vests.


The Mink Collection is both classic and eclectic and it showcases functional garments, in a wide color variety, created with innovative working techniques.

This collection has been created to satisfy different tastes and needs: mini bombers in bright red and orange shades, pearl white and pastel pink jackets, glamorous and sophisticated silver coats, geometrical inlayed vests and elegant black and brown classic mink coats.

Easy to wear during daytime occasions and elegant for special events: The Mink Collection by Tosato1928 is extremely versatile.

Giacca corta in pelliccia di visone


The accessories from Tosato1928 are handcrafted with precious fur skins. The design is superb and the style is unique, enhancing every look with elegant and sophisticated touches.

Elegant and minimal mink handbags in pastel shades, functional maxi bags in soft Kalgan skins, spacious shoppers and tote bags in printed kid plates.

The cutting edge of the Collection are the crocodile bags, both in classical and bright shades, which are the perfect accessories for the true connoisseurs of extreme luxury.


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